Paintbots is available on the App Store.

Paintbots is a creative painting application for the iPad.

Meet the robots


Paintbot Paintbot
Paints really good. Listens to a touch of your finger.


Glitchbot Glitchbot
Is a bit broken. Sometimes paints negative or black/white.


Squarebot Squarebot
Only moves in straight directions. Can paint border of the painting.


Erasebot Erasebot
Erases your drawing. Only paints black.

How Does it Work?

1 Pick one of your favorite photos from the photos app. This picture will be used as a reference for the painting.

2 Let the robots do the painting for you. Pick the robot you like and direct him on the screen. You can also pick a different brush and change its size and opacity for a different result. Now go paint!

3 Once you are happy with your painting, save it to the photos app so you can share it with friends and family. You can also share your paintings with the rest of the world by adding it to the Paintbots Flickr Group.



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